Hey! Want to look stylish but don’t know what brands are in style for teenage guys? Check out this blog post!

I’ll share the best fashion brands for different styles, the top trends for 2023, the coolest fashion influencers, and tips for online shopping. It’s your ultimate guide to looking great, so don’t miss it!

Nike, Adidas, H&M, Asos, Uniqlo, Boohoman, and Pacsun are some of the best brands that are in style for teenage guys but for different types of fashion there are different clothing brands, that’s why I listed out the best fashion brands for the specific style.

How to find your style?


Start experimenting with different styles, get out of your comfort zone, and wear something that you always wanted to try. Keep in mind your style will evolve over years, so don’t be afraid to change it up.

Take Inspirations

The best way to start experimenting is by taking inspiration, going and looking up Instagram and Pinterest, and finding people whose style you like is a great way to find your style.

Build a Solid Wardrobe

Finding your style is about taking inspiration and experimenting but without a solid wardrobe, you are putting yourself up for failure.

Every man needs a base layer to start, finding your style is also like that. Add a few basic wardrobe essentials then you are good to go – Click here to find out the best wardrobe essentials for teenage guys

Be True To Yourself

Yes, you can copy someone else’s outfit and look good but while on the journey of finding your style, you need to stay true to yourself.

Let’s say you bought baggy pants and after wearing them you did not like that, then it’s okay to switch and wear a normal fit. Fashion is about being comfortable with who you are.

Have Fun

Enjoy the process of finding your style, have fun, play with different types of fits, and patterns, learn, and keep experimenting.

Best Clothing Brands For Teenage Guys

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • H&M
  • Pac sun
  • Zara
  • Splash
  • Urban Outfits
  • Levi’s
  • Uniqlo
  • Asos

Different fashion Brands For Different Styles

Casual WearStreet WearSports WearSkateboarding FashionE- Boy FashionSneaker FashionSustainable FashionAffordable FashionVintage Fashion
UniqloSupremeNikeVansVansJordanEverlaneH&MThrift Stores
H&MBoohomanAdidasThrasherLazy OafNikeThoughtAsosLevi’s
Levi’sFuk**n Awesome FaPumaSanta CruzUrban OutfitsAdidasOuter KnownZaraTommy Hilfiger
Tommy HilfigerStussy New BalanceIndependent TrucksAsosNew BalanceNudie JeansTopmanFilson

Best Fashion Trends For Teenage Guys in 2023

Chunky Clogs

What brands are in style for teenage guys

Clogs especially the briken stock took over last year and this year it will be the same, more and more brands are releasing these. It looks good, is comfortable, and comes in many colors so this will be in trend for 2023.

Boxy Bomber Jacket

Yes, the normal bomber jacket will be a classic piece, but in 2023 we will see more boxy cuts for bomber jackets, I just saw Tim dessaint wearing a boxy shirt and I like that so yeah let’s see how a boxy bomber jacket will end up.

Fleece Hat

The Fleece hat is a timeless classic piece, this year it will be the same, yes you can still rock the beanie, especially the fisherman beanie ( that’s my favorite ), but in 2023 we will see more fleece material.


I love this trend, I just picked up a loafer and the best part of that is it can be dressed up and dressed down. I am all in for this trend, especially those chunky loafers.

Zip-Up Hoodies

Hoodies will never go out of style, but this time we will see more people wearing zip-up hoodies instead of normal hoodies. Personally, for me this is great, for many years the trend was pullover hoodies, but a change in that is great.

Click Here – To find the best hoodies for teenage guys


if you always wanted to pick up a cardigan, this might be a perfect time. Cardigans just look good, it’s comfortable and can be styled with many items. Maybe I’ll also pick up one for 2023, let me know if you do.


I love this trend, styling the same colors in different shades is a great way to stand out. See in 2023 people are moving towards simple looks and colors without bold patterns and logos. so keep an eye out for this.

Sustainable Fashion

People are not happy with fast fashion and damaging the environment, so in 2023 that will change. you will see a lot of sustainable fashion brands coming up and people will start purchasing second-hand items.

Vintage Fashion

The 70s to 90s – Fashion is evolving and we are seeing the return of ’70s and 90’s fashion, it’s great to see this coming up. this is a great way to step outside your comfort zone.

Messy Hair

I know this is not related to fashion and clothing but in 2023, you will see a lot of messy hairstyles, because people want to look effortless and comfortable, nobody wants to spend 1-hour in front of a mirror.

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Functional Clothing With So Many Pockets

What brands are in style for teenage guys
Credits – H&M

I love this trend, it’s so useful. A cargo and functional jacket with many pockets helps you to ditch the handbag and carry all items easily. I personally like cargo – power bank, earphones, charger, mobile everything goes inside that.

Casual Shirt and Tie

You will see a lot of casual shirts and tie, this is a great way to have fun, people in 2023 are moving towards this. Half-sleeve shirt and tie – that’s what I am seeing so far, keep an eye out for this.

Comfortable Clothing

See after covid the fashion industry has changed, people nowadays want to be comfortable wearing clothes, if you are like that then this is perfect. Comfortable sweatpants, jeans, hoodies, or even a simple t-shirt will be seen more this year.


Oversized clothing is here to stay, I like this trend, baggy pants, and t-shirts, but going overboard and wearing big baggy pants that’s not me. if you have never gotten in this style just try it out.

Western Style

Double Denim, Cowboy Hats- In 2023 we will see a lot of western styles like denim jackets, denim pants, and cowboy hats. If you want to get into this style this is the perfect time for that, start by adding 1 piece and slowly build to that, start with wearing a denim jacket or cowboy hat.

Fashion Trend That Will Die in 2023

Skinny jeans

It’s time to throw away those skinny pants from 2017, this may come back but I don’t see it anytime soon. If you don’t like baggy oversized pants, switch to slim fits. but no more skinny jeans in 2023.

Baggy Suits

Yes we have seen a lot of styles in 2022 and one of them was, baggy suits. Baggy fit will be in trend but for baggy suits, I don’t think that is the case, but you won’t see a perfect suit instead people will switch to more comfortable straight fits

Flared Pants

What Brands Are In Style For Teenage Guys - Best and Worst Fashion Trends For Teenage Guys | Meantformen

This was a popular piece in 2022, but this will be slowly fading away this year. I am not a huge fan of this piece so yeah let’s see what the alternative will be.

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion and the damage it causes are big, so this year we will see more sustainable fashions, I mean if I get a denim jacket and can use it for 3+ years then why should I buy more and more jackets?


I never liked this, in 2023 we will see this fading out, so the alternative is clogs.


This was a popular trend but with Nike flooding the market with a lot of colors, this trend will start disappearing in 2023, instead, we will see a lot of Adidas samba on the market.

Balenciaga and Yeezy

With all those going on with the brand, you will see a lot of people switching from these brands.

New Balance 550

This was a good sneaker, I personally own one, but just like Jordan a lot of colors were released, so in 2023, we will see a shift in this trend.


This was a weird trend, that came back and took all over the internet. Now I think its time we see less and less mullet, who knows maybe this will come back.

Best Fashion Influencers – Social Media and Fashion

Online Shopping

Plan Ahead

Make a list of items you need and whether they will go with your wardrobe because it’s easy to pick up a lot when you are online. Pick only what is needed.

Determine Your Budget

Have a clear budget in your mind, this will help you to save a ton of time, and money and pick what is necessary.

Know your measurement

Before you shop online, know what size will suit you, you can refer to the sizing chart, this will help you to pick what suits you and makes returning items less. Click here ( How to find clothing measurements)

What Brands Are In Style For Teenage Guys - Best and Worst Fashion Trends For Teenage Guys | Meantformen

Use Filters and Search

This tool will save you a ton of time, simply filter out the price, size, and colors to find products easily.

Check-In Sales Section

Checking the sales section will help you to save a ton of money, many brands will have a sales section, so start with that.

Signup For Newsletter and Discount

Many online stores offer newsletter signup and discount for signing up, simply signup and get a discount for your next purchase

Read Product

Understand what your product is, the materials used, and how to wash them. this helps you to make better purchases and save tons of time.

Read Reviews

See whether the people that bought are happy or not, and read reviews to get a clear idea of the product.

Compare Prices

Don’t buy products from the first store you find, simply browse around to find great deals and products.

Check Shipping Details

Get a clear idea of how shipping works, I ordered an item but because I forget to give my house address, it was dropped at my post office. so give proper address, check when your product will arrive, etc.

Check For the Return Policy

Next up is the return policy, understanding this will help you to return your items easily and fast if you don’t like them.


We have covered various different topics that will help you to dress well. Find your style, what brands are in style for teenage guys, the best stores for different kinds of fashion, the best and worst trends for 2023, and how to shop online.

I hope this provided you with a lot of value, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please free feel to let me know. I am here to help you.