A sneaker is an essential part of your outfit, a good sneaker can not only help you look good it can also land compliments from your crush. Let’s take a look at Top 8 sneakers for teenage guys.

8 Best Sneakers For Teenage Guys For (2022) | Meantformen

New balance 550 – Trending Item

Winter Sneakers - New Balance 550

The growing rate of new balance 550 has been huge for the past months, This shoe was originally made in the 1980s for basketball.

1980’s Inspired shoe comes in various different colors. No doubt the new balance 550 is classic everyday wear, which is one of the most popular shoes for teenage guys 2022.

The versatile New balance can be easily paired with many outfits that feel comfortable.

The price range is between 100 and $ – 130 $, “The price is a steal for this comfortable and versatile piece” says Josh Dominic – Sneaker Reviewer.

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Yeezy Foam Runners

8 Best Sneakers For Teenage Guys For (2022) | Meantformen

Yeezy foam runners are a piece that catches the eye, Comfortable and easy to style Yeezy is a popular shoes for teenage guys in 2022

Foam runners can be paired with chinos, joggers, and jeans, Pairing this with shorts feels like duck feet, says Josh Dominic.

The Retail price starts at 230 $, ”Durable, Good Looking, and Comfortable Yeezy is worth spending” adds Josh.

Prices vary in colors so, If you are planning to grab a pair wait until December 11th For the Sand Grey edition to drop.

Adidas Forum 84

8 Best Sneakers For Teenage Guys For (2022) | Meantformen

Adidas forum a ”1984 Basketball shoe” is a popular shoes for teenage guys 2022 that can be styled easily, Forum 84 comes in both high and low versions.

One feature that stands out is the stick strap of the shoe, Pick an advanced version if you are into the sticky straps.

Quality is what impressed me, Says Josh, In fact, I am shocked by how good the leather is especially for 110 $, Leather quality on this shoe is 5-6times better than Nike dunks josh adds.

Retro vibes, Easy to style, and Quality makes it perfect sneakers for teenage guys.

Nike Blazer – Versatile Piece

8 Best Sneakers For Teenage Guys For (2022) | Meantformen

Nike blazer mid 77 is another easy-to-style popular shoe for teenage guys in 2022 This was originally designed for basketball but, it’s not a shoe that is comfortable to play basketball says, Josh Dominic.

This shoe is super clean and versatile and will be my most worn sneaker adds Josh.

Blazer mid comes in different colors, No matter what color you pick this can be styled with many outfits.

Starting rate of this shoe variety you can get below 50 $ and all the way to 110 $, the price changes in terms of color.

Even though this is not the most comfortable sneaker out there, but still it’s best for the price.

Jordan 4 Taupe Haze

8 Best Sneakers For Teenage Guys For (2022) | Meantformen

Jordan 4 taupe is a casual wear sneaker, which was released on 27th February of this year.

Many sneakerheads are left confused with the material of taupe haze but, it’s still a sneaker that grabs the eye.

350 $ to 550 $ is the price range, even though this sneaker is overpriced for teen guys, it’s still an eyecatching piece.

Jordan 4 Lightning

Winter Sneakers - Jordan 4 Lightning

Similar to Jordan 4 taupe haze, lightning is one of the most popular shoes for teenage guys 2022 that grab attention.

Yellow, White, and Dark grey is the main color theme used, which is a perfect mixture that gets the attention.

When it comes to comfortability, it’s not good for long-hour use and it feels heavy. The price is similar to taupe haze but the overall quality and look are much better.

Converse Run Star Hike

8 Best Sneakers For Teenage Guys For (2022) | Meantformen

Converse is a popular sneaker brand. Run star hike is a mixture of chuck 70 and boot type heal, which is why this is a popular shoes for teenage guys 2022.

This Converse is easy to style and versatile just like any other model, in fact, Run Star Hike will make you looker taller. The price is affordable so, it’s definitely worth the money.

Nike Dunk

Nike Dunk - Winter Sneakers

Nike dunk took a huge place in the fashion industry, There are huge varieties of colors so choosing the right ones comes down to your preferences.

Dunk sneaker comes both in the low and high top, in winter it’s best to pick high tops but again it’s a personal choice.

”Leather on the dunk feels like plastic and is not great compared to 2020 models” says Josh Dominic, Apart from that, Nike Dunk is still one of the versatile sneakers for teenage guys

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right outfits that match your sneakers is important. There are many ways you can match sneakers with your outfit.

Sneakers can be worn with many items, Chinos, Jeans, Overshirts, Denim jackets, Varsity jackets are some of the best places to start.

Still, confused? – Take a look at our 15 outfit ideas that will help you get inspiration and ideas to match outfits with sneakers and dress well throughout the season

Let me know what’s your favorite sneakers on this list, and if you have any comments, opinions, or suggestions, Feel free to comment down below.