When it comes to looking good, accessories are the simple tool used by many men.

Differing from any clothing pieces such as a leather jacket is not considered. Men’s accessories on, the other hand is pretty cheap these days.

What are men’s accessories?

Accessories are small details that are added to your outfit. The store of men’s accessories is gigantic.

There are huge varieties of men’s accessories such as sunglasses, jewelry, or even a hat that is considered an accessory.

Can I wear accessories?

Absolutely !, Accessories brings out the person inside you, it represents your personality, your emotions, and above all your sense of style.

If you haven’t worn an accessory so far, then it’s the perfect time to jump into the world of men’s accessories (because you are still growing).

Stick along, Today I will tell you about the 7 must-have accessories for us-teenage guys.


Firstly, let me tell you not only girls can wear a necklace even you can pull off a great necklace and express yourself and get the compliments you deserve.

There are huge varieties of men’s accessories necklaces, In different colors such as gold and silver.

A common necklace is a cross-shaped pendant and a simple one without a pedant.

Are you like the rap guy who likes to wear a ton of necklaces, or do you like it simple, Don’t copy completely like other guys, just be yourself.


7 Simple Men's Accessories ( That Improves Your Style ) | Meantformen

The time of “only married man can wear a ring ” is over. The Acceptance of the ring in the men’s accessories world has been huge over the past years and will be in the future.

A common type is the one with a stone and a simple one with no designs.

When it comes to wearing a ring just keep in mind that less is always more.

Avoid wearing more than 3 -4 rings at a time, personally, I like to keep it simple with 2 rings.


7 Simple Men's Accessories ( That Improves Your Style ) | Meantformen

A chain around your waist is a trending item in men’s accessories. Bracelets can be worn separately or combined with a few to improve your style.

In the world of men’s accessories, the eye-catching pieces are beaded, solid metal, and chain bracelets.

Before, you wear a bracelet just learn to wear it the right way.

One of the common mistakes I see a lot these days is wearing both a watch and a bracelet in a single hand. Just avoid this mistake to obtain more compliments for your bracelets.


A sunglass should be every man’s go-to accessorize.

Wearing great sunglasses is not only going to maximize your compliments but also helps you land a favorable impression (It can be your future girlfriend).

Before picking up a sunglass you need to know about the base of a great sunglass ( Aka your face shape).

  • Round face shape: It’s best to avoid anything over large, Try for frames with a curve on each side (Thin dark horizontal will be a great choice for you).
  • Square face shape: You can go with rounded lenses. Avoid overly boxy frames and oversized (It can really swallow you up.)
  • Triangular face shape: Since your face shape has more definition at the bottom, It’s best to go for larger sunglasses, keep in mind to avoid smaller frames.
  • Oval face shape: You are lucky, if you have an oval face there are many options for you but stay away from narrow frames.

You can wear sunglass with pretty much every outfit but just remove them while speaking to someone ( Eye contact matters )


7 Simple Men's Accessories ( That Improves Your Style ) | Meantformen

The interest in hats in the world of men’s accessorize is slowing making a comeback from the ’30s and ’60s.

Investing in a great hat will be one of your great choices especially when the summer is emerging.

A great hat can not only protect you from hair/skin damage caused by the sun but also you will add salt to your personality, sense of style into the world of men’s fashion.

A beanie is a common hat found today, Beanie can be worn with any outfit.

Baseball hats are also making their way into the men’s fashion world. Just stay away from big logo hats as it will make you look immature.

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A belt is a must-have accessory for every man. The fashion years of saggy pants have ended a long back. A belt helps your pant to stay in their position and kills all the embracement issues that might come into your way on a “no-belt day”.

A black belt or brown is the choice for you want to add a bit of classic, elegance to your outfit, Stay away from a big buckle belt as it’s not the way of an attractive man, So just keep it simple.


7 Simple Men's Accessories ( That Improves Your Style ) | Meantformen

A watch has been around a long time in men’s fashion. Your watch tells a lot about your personality, style, and character. One of the best investments you can make is by buying a watch.

There are different types of watches these days ( thanks to the technology )such as an Analog watch, Digital, Automatic, or even a smartwatch.

When it comes to picking a great watch, your number one requirement should be fit. No matter the color, type, style, or even the price.


Most teenagers find it very hard to afford a cool accessorize at the same time.

The teenage phase of life is one of the best because you got time to try different things not only this applies to accessories but also to the way you dress.

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Hey, I am curious to know what is the one thing that stops you from looking good? , Let me down in the comment section below. Looking forward to helping you become your best-looking version.