Don’t know how to be a stylish boy, I got you. Read more to find out some steps you need to take.

Build Quality Wardrobe With Simple Pieces


Analyzing your wardrobe is the first step you need to take, take out all your clothes and divide them into 3 categories – Keep, Alter and Donate. 

  1. Keep – All clothes that are fine to wear, no color stains, no holes or it’s not too short or long.
  2. Alter– Clothes that are good but do not fit you. with minor adjustments this can be worn.
  3. Donate –  Donate all clothes that you don’t wear or cannot be altered. 


Buying the right clothes is important, your main aim here is to pick clothes that can be matched with your current wardrobe items so that you can create a lot of outfits.

  • Black and Light Wash Jeans
  • Basic tees – White, Black, Gray, Navy
  • Hoodie
  • Sweatshirt.
  • White sneakers.
  • White Socks
  • Chinos – Black, Tan, Khakhi

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Fit is what matters, not the price of clothing. but nowadays you can change that and still look good. 

Try Different Fits 

Try out different fits, slim, oversized, baggy, etc. Find out what works for your body type, but keep in mind that fit trends such as oversized will be out of trend, and well-fit items will always look good on you.

Keep Basic Clothes Well Fit 

When it comes to basic clothes such as plain T-shirts, black and light wash jeans, hoodies, and chinos, ensure you keep them well fit, Perfectly fitting clothes make you appear stylish.

Trendy Pieces – Should You Buy Them?

It depends, If you have a solid wardrobe that can create you many outfits then buying 1-2 trending items is fine.

But, if you don’t have a basic wardrobe, start investing your money into basic clothes instead of flashy trendy pieces.

Brands, Do they Matter?

No, You are a teenage guy, you don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes so avoid going after brands.

Instead purchase quality pieces from low-price stores such as Asos, H&M, Boohoman, and Zara.

Wear Colors

Adding colors to your outfit is the best way to stand out and look stylish but, You can easily look bad if you don’t know how to match colors.

Look at the 3 main ways to add colors to your outfit.

  • Going for all the same colors of the same shade is one way of adding colors to your outfit.
  • Shades of the same colors 
  • Adding a stand-out piece.
How To Add Colours To Your Outfits

Layer Clothes

How to be a stylish boy
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Layering clothes is the easiest way to look stylish for teenage guys, it’s simple and effective.

For layering clothes you need a base – It can be a hoodie, Basic tees, or a Sweatshirt.

Now add a cloth on top of basic items such as. 

  1. Flannel
  2. Denim Jacket
  3. Floral shirts.

Learn, Experiment, and Try Many Pieces.

Your fashion likes and dislikes will change over the years, and this is the best time to try many things.

Get out of your comfort zone and wear any piece of clothing that you always wanted to wear.

Experiment with many items, you never know what suits you until you try that out.

Be unique, stop dressing like all your friends. Start exploring and find out what you like, nowadays it’s easy as you can look into Instagram and Pinterest for ideas.

Find out what you like, get inspiration, and start experimenting.

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Groom Yourself

Not only does the way you dress matter, the way you look and present matters a lot, Hair, face, smell, and teeth are some areas you need to pay attention to if you want to be a stylish boy.

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Hairstyle is what people notice when they first see you, Stop getting the same haircut years after years. 

Start learning about your hair type, hair texture,  what products work for you, and face shapes. 

Find a hairstyle that works for you and try that out, don’t be afraid.


Having clear skin is important as hair, many teenage guys leave out this part in grooming, don’t be that guy.

Wash your face 2 times – Night and Morning, Use Moisturizer, Exfoliate once a week, Avoid touching your face and Drink more water.


If you have bad dental hygiene then, this is the time to change that. 

Brush your teeth twice, Use floss and Whitening stripes, now there are other items such as electronic toothbrushes and mouthwash that also can benefit you.

Not only this, but you also need to wash your mouth after consuming chocolates, coffee, or any other foods.


Smelling bad is the worst trait, I don’t want you to have that.

Take a bath daily, Wear deodorant, use fragrance and only wear neat and clean clothes.

Wear Accessories

Wearing accessories is the best way to enhance your outfits, now that does not mean you should wear everything together. 

Keep it simple, You can add any of

  • Watches
  • Rings
  • Hats
  • Sneakers
  • Bags

Be Confident

Yes, you can dress well and look good but if you are not confident in yourself, then you can never be a stylish boy. Check out some best ways to build confidence.

  1. Learn To Communicate – Learning to communicate helps you to make friends and deepen current relationships you have, it’s not too hard, there are many books, and podcasts that teach you how to communicate well.
  2. Have Hobbies – Sitting simply and scrolling your phone is boring, Go out and have fun, meet new people, Start new hobbies and focus on being a better person.
  3. Fix your posture– Walk with your head straight, Keeping your shoulders back, this is a simple hack that makes you 10x attractive

Final take away

With these simple tips you learned how to be a stylish boy, now if you want to see results, you need to take action.

Start by following these simple steps, now if you have questions or suggestions, let me know down in the comment session.