Why Is It Important To Keep Yourself Groomed?

Grooming is a part of life that should not be avoided. Taking care of yourself makes you stand out from the crowd and lands you a favorable impression, But many teenage guys don’t know to take care of themselves.

That will change, In this article, I have kept together the top grooming tips and tricks that make a guy look impressive and attractive. So let’s get straight into the 10 Best grooming tips for teenage guys.


10 Best Grooming Tips For Teenage Guys ( That Makes You Look Attractive ) | Meantformen

What do people notice when they first see you? , It’s hair.

Taking good care of hair, is important especially in this modern age, take a look at a few best hair grooming tips for teenage guys.

Get Regular Trims

Visit your barber often, this grooming tip will make sure your hair is kept neat and clean. Tell your barber to clean up your neck and sideburns.

Okay but how long should I visit my barber?

Every two weeks is the perfect schedule but if you don’t have time you can do it once every month.

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Use High-Quality Products

Are you curious why your hairstyle is not holding or unable to style as your barber did?
Well, the simple answer to that is a hair product, a quality hair product.

See, Grooming for teenage guys does not just come down to shaving and shampooing, it also requires better tools that improve your look.

One of them is High-quality hair styling products.

From now on stop buying cheap drugstore products and start buying quality products for your hair.

Oil Hair

Oiling hair is another grooming tip for teenage guys, that easily enhances your appearance.

Not only that hair oil improves your hair health, fights dandruff ( I know you don’t want that), and makes your hair softer and shinier.

Now let’s take old hair oils that make your hair look over shiny and greasy and move them aside.

There are better hair oils out there for the overall development of hair Argan oil by forte series is one of the best outhere.

Less Shampoo and More Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner are an essential part of your hair care.

Shampoo stripes out dirt, greasy, and dust from your hair but, it also removes natural oils that your hair builds for its development.

Shampoo regularly is a common mistake in teenage guys’ grooming, so reduce it to once every week.

Conditioner on the other hand makes your hair smooth and shiny, which is great for better hair.

So instead of shampooing everyday use conditioner.

Also, Give yourself 5 minutes before washing away the conditioner to absorb itself, This is another grooming tip for teenage guys that changes the hair game.

Use Blow Dryer But Not Too Much

Without a blowdryer, it’s hard to get a perfect hairstyle.

A blow dryer adds shape, and texture manages frizz, and gives you better control of your hair, so it is an essential tool for teenage grooming.

But, there are some methods you need to follow before using a hair dryer.

⦁ Use heat protector
⦁ Don’t blow too close
⦁ Make sure all parts of the hair are completely dried
⦁ Keep it moving, don’t place it on one side and burn your hair.
⦁ Use medium-low heat
⦁ Use cold air to lock and end the style.


Having clear skin is another essential grooming tip for teenage guys. Your face is what people notice when they first come close to you. So, you need to make sure it’s clean and presentable.

Let’s look at some of the best skincare grooming tips for teenage guys.

Face Wash

Having a consistent face washing routine is an essential part of your skincare.

Washing your face removes all dirt and germs on your face, but make sure you only wash twice a day; One in the morning and at night before bed.

Use Moisturizer

This method comes right after washing your face, Moisturizer makes your skin hydrated and balanced throughout the day.

Designed for oily skin, dry skin, and Normal skin there are a lot of moisturizers to keep in mind to pick the right skincare that suits you.


Exfoliating skin removes dead cells from your skin which results in better, healthy, and clear skin.

Unlike face wash and moisturizer you don’t need to use this daily. Once a week is a perfect place.

Don’t Touch Your Skin

Yes, it’s painful to see that pimple growing up but touching your face or popping that makes it much worse.

Your hands contain many bacteria and dirt after coming in contact with a different place so avoid touching your face. If you want to reduce pimples apply ice cubes.

Drink More Water

Drinking more is another grooming tip for teenage guys that is important for clear skin.

There is a ton of health benefits to drinking more water, if you want to see how it can help you get a clear skin to click this link.


Sunscreen is a must-own product for teenage grooming. Sunscreen protects you from harmful rays of the sun which can lead to skincare.

Once you get a sun mark on your face it’s hard to get rid of that, so make sure to use sunscreen before going outside.

Facial Hair


Growing up as a teenager, facial hair is another grooming part that needs to take care of in order to look good.

There are many guys who make a lot of mistakes when it comes to facial hair, I don’t want you to make the same ones.

Let’s take a look at some of the best facial grooming tips for teenage guys

Trim Facial Hair Often

Yes, sometimes it’s fun to see some hair growing on faces especially when you are a teenager, having a masculine trait is attractive.

But not patches and unusual growth. If you don’t take care of facial hair it’s unattractive.

Make sure you trim often and maintain it well, but if you want to grow then give it some time.

It may take weeks or even months so be patient. Now, if you can’t grow ( You tried for a long time), shaving is the best choice.

Use Moisturizer

The same moisturizer for the face works here.

Apply moisturizer makes your face healthy and clean, It also makes avoids early aging of the skin making your skin stay young.

Comb Well

Combing your facial hair is another teenage grooming trick that makes you look attractive and kept together.

There are a lot of combes out-there, just pick one that you like and comb your facial hair every day.

Dental Hygiene

Grooming Tips For Teenage Guys

Brush Your Teeth Twice

Doubtless brushing your teeth is one of the most important and basic grooming tips for teenage guys.

Here make sure to brush twice – After waking up and before bed.

Electronic toothbrushes and whitening strips, Nowadays there are a lot of tools for teenage grooming so make sure to invest in them.

Use Floss

Flossing is a must-have grooming habit, The food particles that you eat will get stuck in your teeth which results in tooth decay and bad breath.

Regular flossing will make sure there are no food particles present on your teeth.

Floss after every meal or at least after waking up and before bed.


Mouthwash removes plaques and germs from your mouth which results in pleasant breath, Which is why it’s a must-own teenage grooming product.

Regular use is a must here, Once in the morning and before bed is perfect.

Use Whiting Strip

Whitening strip is a game-changing grooming tip for teenage guys, Regular use of teeth whiting strip will make sure you have white attractive teeth.

Using this is simple, Just stick it on your teeth and remove them after some time, But make sure to use it regularly.


Take a Bath Daily

Taking regular baths is a must-have habit, Regular baths will make sure your body is clean and you smell good.

Use body washes instead of bar soap and avoids using loofah because it damages your skin, This is another important grooming tips for teenage guys.

Wear Deodorant

Using deodorant is a simple grooming tip for teenage guys, that makes sure you smell good.

Your armpits produce sweat and bacteria, Regular use of deodorant will make sure you don’t smell bad.

Use deodorant after a shower, morning, and before bed, You should also use deodorant down there in your private part ( I know that sound’s weird ) But it changes your grooming game.

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Use Fragrance

To smell good using scent is the easiest grooming tips for teenage guys. There are a ton of fragrances outhere, and prices also vary.

The fragrance is of two types; Winter and summer cologne. Winter fragrance is hard and woody flavor, Summer frgrance is citrus-fruit based and light.

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Armpits and Private Parts

Shave Often

Getting rid of pubic hair and armpit hair is a must-do grooming tip for teenage guys.

More hair produces sweat and bacteria, which result in bad smells or even allergies.

Shave often to avoid that by using a razor. Once a week or once every two weeks is a great routine.

Wear Deodorant

As mentioned earlier deodorant reduces sweat and bacteria growth, which results in a good smell.

Make sure you apply before bed at night to smell good the next day.

Use Powder

The powder reduces sweat and allergies and it’s best when applied before a workout or before playing sports.

Applying the powder to your armpits and private parts, especially in summer is an essential grooming tip for teenage guys.

Change Undergarments After Every Use

Not changing your underwear is one of the common mistakes in teenage guys’ grooming.

Your undergarments will be full of sweat and bacteria after each use, not changing their lead to allergies. So make sure to avoid them.

Nose and Ear

Trim Hair Often

The nose and ear are a part most people avoid taking care of, you should not be among them.

Trim your nose and ear hair regularly to make yourself more presentable and appealing.

Pick a quality trimmer for this purpose because this is one of the most important grooming tips for teenage guys.

Clean Well

Don’t just stop after trimming make sure your ear and nose are properly cleaned and kept together.

If not that can lead you to be an unattractive guy. Make sure to rinse the nose well and for the ears use buds.

Nails and Feet

Grooming Tips For Teenage Guys

Trim Often

Keeping your nails on both hands and ears is another important grooming tip for teenage guys.

Long nails are unattractive and on top of that, they can also cause infections.

Make sure you stay consistent in trimming them ( I trim them every Friday, you can also do the same).

Clean Well

Making sure your hands and feet are well clean is the most important teenage grooming tip.

Just like long nails, Dirty nails are also unattractive and give others a bad impression about you.

Avoid Wearing The Same Socks

Just like wearing the same undergarment, Using the same socks is the worst grooming mistake.

It causes infection and bacteria build-up, which results in a nasty smell.

So make sure you follow this teenage grooming tip.


Wear Neat and Clean Clothes

Wearing neat and clean clothes makes you presentable and attractive, which is why this is one of the best grooming tips for teenage guys.

Just make sure you wash your clothes after every use and iron them before wearing them.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit You Well

Wearing clothes that are not fit is one of the grooming errors you need to stay away from.

No matter the brand or price of cloth, if that is not fitting you well then it’s time to pay some bucks and get it fit (Trust me this makes you 10x times more attractive).

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Learn About Style and Experiment

Wearing the same clothes year after year or not changing your personal style is a common teenage grooming mistake you need to avoid.

Start learning about new styles and experiment with what you like, This is by far the best grooming tips for teenage guys.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find inspiration if you want to stay on-trend and start dressing better make sure to check my Pinterest profile

Additional Tip

10 Best Grooming Tips For Teenage Guys ( That Makes You Look Attractive ) | Meantformen

Invest In A Good Pair Of Shoes

Good pair of shoes will 100% make you look attractive. White sneakers and boots are best for teenage guys.

New balance 550, Nike Dunks, Adidas Forum 84, and Nike Mid Blazer are some of the trending shoes.

Wear Sunglass and Other Accessories

Wearing accessories is another game-changing grooming tip for teenage guys.

Sunglasses, watches, and Rings are some of the best accessories to start with.

Make sure to avoid wearing a lot of them, Just keep it simple.

Fix Your Posture

If you follow all these tips and you walk slouching down, That is unattractive.

Stand tall with your head straight and walk with confidence, Fixing your posture is another grooming tips for teenage guys that instantly make you stunning.

Learn To Communicate

Learn to initiate a conversion, Ask more questions to people and make them feel important.

This tip will help you to connect with more people and make a lot of friends.

Be Confident

It all comes down to confidence.

Be comfortable with your likes and what you wear and what you don’t like.

Don’t change what you like for other people, just be yourself.

5 Bad Grooming Habits

Wearing Too Much Cologne

Wearing too much cologne is a common mistake in teenage grooming, You don’t need to smell the whole room when you enter.

Just 2-4 sprays; Either side of the neck and wrist and you are good to go.

Over-Washing Face

Overwashing your face leads to breakouts and acne, Make sure to keep it twice a day; one at night before bed and one in the morning after waking up.

You can also wash your face after a workout or playing sports.

Dirty Nails

Make sure to trim nails often and keep them clean and presentable.

As mentioned earlier dirty nails are the most unattractive teenage grooming mistake.

Low-Quality Products

Using low-quality products leads to no benefit for your skin, body, and hair.

Avoid using drugstore products and invest in a quality product that does what it says ( That does not mean it should be costly).

Just find what works for you, This is one of the most important grooming tips you need to follow.

Not Changing Tooth Brush

Not changing toothbrushes is the worst teenage grooming mistake.

Just make sure you switch your toothbrush once every two months, You can also invest in an electronic toothbrush.

What Makes a Person Well Groomed?

Acheiving a presentable attractive appearance takes time, you cant follow these steps one day and expect to look good, It must be done on a consistent basis to be an attractive guy.

These are the most important grooming tips for teenage guys.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to comment down below.