If you want to improve your hairstyle, you need hair oil.

Even though there are many benefits to hair oil, there are few young guys who use them.

Many of the hair oils out there make your hair sticky this is why many teenage guys avoid using hair oil.

That’s where Blumaan cloud control comes in.

Blumaan cloud control contains 12 oils that are blended to provide you with the best result in one bottle.

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My Journey with Blumaan

I was a huge fan of the blumaan youtube channel and during the Black Friday sale, I order my first discovery kit and cloud control.

But, it was during holiday time and my product took a month to get delivered.


Yes, but I was happy with their service as they told me the delivery will be late because of the festival season and pandemic issues.

Blumaan Cloud Control Oil Review - Is It Worth Buying? | Meantformen
First Look

Finally, I got my product !! , I was jumping around with excitement.

At this time barbershops were closed due to a pandemic so I was forced to grow out my hair, which resulted in the everyday use of hair oil.

then my hair started improving and growing faster.

Continuous use of cloud control also made my hair shiny, healthy, and dandruff-free.

This was it !!! , From that moment blumaan cloud control is my go-to hair product.

Blumaan Cloud Control Oil Review - Is It Worth Buying? | Meantformen
9 months of hair Growth Using Cloud Control

For 9 months I grew out my hair during that time what helped me to maintain, style, reduce breakage and kill dandruff was cloud control.

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How can blumaan cloud control Hair Oil help you?

Removes dandruff – Let’s admit this, we are facing dandruff problems, Blumann cloud control oil helps your scalp to stay hydrated and reduce dandruff.

Hair growth – Bluman hair oil combined with finger massage boosts blood flow and nutrients into your scalp which results in stronger and healthier hair growth.

Prevents hair fall – Dry scalp leads to hair fall, Regular use of cloud control helps your scalp to stay hydrated and prevents hair fall.

Reduce frizz – Hair oiling prevents hair from losing its moisturize which reduces frizz, at the same time makes your hair more manageable.

Strengths hair Blumaan Cloud control oil contains ingredients that strengthen your hair and avoid any breakage.

Keep your scalp hydrated – Your scalp becomes dry due to product buildup, regular use of shampoo, and sun exposure. Oiling your hair regularly helps your scalp to stay hydrated.

Softer/shiner hair – Blumaan cloud control oil is known for shiner and softer hair, From day one this makes your hair easily manageable, shiny, stronger, and softer.

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Why Blumaan Cloud control specifically?

Joseph Andrews ( owner of the company ) is a guy that I found on youtube. From the beginning, I started enjoying jo’s videos.

I also started spending more time consuming his amazing content and getting familiar with the product.

What makes Joseph great?

His passion for helping others to achieve a great hairstyle, He began improving his hair through learning and uploading videos on youtube, above all he is a funny guy.

Not only that.

The company delivers what they say, from the moment I started using blumaan cloud control I was enjoying the product.

This product lasts for a very long time – I bought this product a year ago and till now the oil remains ( a little)

What Makes Blumaan Cloud Control Oil Stand Out?

Blumaan Cloud Control Oil Review - Is It Worth Buying? | MeantformenBlumaan Cloud Control Oil Review - Is It Worth Buying? | Meantformen

Most hair oils on the market are focused on mainly one ingredient.

Eg – 100% pure argan oil , 100% cocunut oil.

Blumaan contains 12 natural oils and botanical extracts that can benefit many areas of your hair, such as adding shine, preventing breakage, promoting growth, etc.

Simple words? – All In One Product!

Take a look at some of the features of blumaan cloud control oil.

Scent – I am not sure what this smell actually is but I do like the smell and I guess it is some natural oil smells.

Easy to use – This product is very simple to use after showering apply 3-4 drops and work all the way into the hair.

Not like the old sticky oil – This is my favorite part of this product, It won’t make your hair look greasy or sticky.

PackageBlumaan cloud control oil comes in a simple packed box, the color choice really compliments the look.

Price – Even though this product is 25+ USD ( which is cheap), the shipping charges may cost you some more money.

Effectiveness – You can see results after the first use, this can make your hair look shiny and softer without making it greasy.

IngredientsBlumaan cloud control hair oil includes 12 combined oils, Some of the main ingredients are

  • Sunflower oil – makes your hair softer, shinier, and healthier.
  • Olive Oil – Natural hair conditioner also adds shine
  • Coconut oil – Prevents breakage and helps to retain hair moisture
  • sesame seed oil – Protects from UV rays and dryness

Customer service – I am happy with the customer service, Even though I had to wait for a month to get my product. It was during the festival time so, their support team told me the delivery would be late.

3 Methods To Apply Blumaan Cloud Control Hair Oil?

How To Apply - Blumaan Cloud Control

Use Before Shower – Apply cloud control into your hair and let it sit for some time to get the most out of the ingredients ( 45 minutes – 1 hour is best), After this, you wash away.

Apply after the shower- Applying 3-4 Drops after shower into your damp hair protects your hair from breakage and also acts as a heat protector.

Leave in conditioner – Apply a few drops before you sleep and wash away the next day, this process makes your hair healthy and stronger faster.

Is Blumaan Cloud Control Oil worth it? – Conclusion

I bought this product in 2021 and still, it stayed a whole year

Overall I am happy with this product and the quality it provides.

Is there any better option?

Yes, there may be a lot of alternative options but for quality, this is provided at this price. This is worth it. – Click Here To Buy On Amazon

My Rating Out of 5
⦁ Scent – 4/5
⦁ Package – 5/5
⦁ Quality – 5/5
⦁ Price – 4.5/5
⦁ Customer Service – 4/5