Hey, college guys! Dressing well in college doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. As someone who’s been there, I know that sometimes just a few key pieces can make all the difference. That’s why I wanted to share with you my 11 favorite clothes for college guys.

Black pleated Trousers, a Basic T-shirt,s and a Formal Shirt are some good picks. But there are a few more must own items that help you stay stylish during college.

White And Black T-Shirt

Clothes for college guys

White and black t-shirts helped me to create many outfits during my college days.

It’s easy to style with anything.

Black and white are the most versatile options.

If you want more add colors navy, green, grey, and brown are some good picks. I had these many colors and it helped me to dress well.

Add rings, a watch, or sunglasses to make your basic t-shirt appear more stylish.

Denim Jacket

Another clothes for college guys is a denim jacket, which is also easy to style and match with anything.

Now for styling, you add a t-shirt, hoodie, or sweatshirt as a layering piece.

Don’t add bright colors as a layering piece stick to black or white.

A denim jacket is expensive but you can pick it up in off-season to save money.

Formal Shirt

You need a formal shirt for college days. I did not own any formal shirts before I went to college, That was a big mistake.

A formal shirt helps you to look classy and stylish without much effort.

For colors I recommend white but if you don’t like white stick to black or navy. I had navy and it matched my entire wardrobe.

Pick high-quality material. I picked up low-quality material and now the shirt looks awful.

I recommend checking out Zara H&M and Uniqlo.

If you don’t know how to wear a formal shirt, don’t worry. I wrote an entire article covering the best semi formal outfit ideas, find that here.


Flannel was my go-to top for college because this was easy to style with any type of pant.

Add a t-shirt underneath as a layering piece, to stand out.

For colors, I recommend sticking with brown, black, or white.


I love hoodies, I used to wear hoodies a lot during my college days.

It’s easy to wear and comfortable.

For colors, I had a black one with no design and I will 100% recommend that. If you don’t like black, go for grey or white.

Now for fit, I had a baggy loose fit because I like how my hoodies stayed comfortable. You can go for a slim fit but don’t make it too tight.

One tip – fold your hoodies downside to make your outfit look more stylish.

I wrote an entire article covering the best hoodies, you can find that here.


I had a black, light grey with no design and an Adidas one, I got 100% use of that during college.

You can style Sweatshirt with anything.

If you don’t have a sweatshirt I recommend sticking with black or grey with no design.

You can pick a textured one, this helped me stand out.

Black Pleated Trousers

clothes for college guys - pleated trousers

Black pleated trousers were my go-to pant in college, this pant helped to style any top.

Now for fit, I had a loose fit, you can stick to a straight or wide fit.

Don’t go for a skinny fit.

Pick a quality pair, I picked it up from a local store and it was not worth the price.

Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo are some good places to buy these.

Light Wash and Grey Denim

Light wash and dark grey denim are other pants that helped me to dress well during college.

It’s easy to style this and works with almost any top, So this investment is worth it.

I picked this from Splash and the quality is good. You can also check H&M, Uniqlo, weekday, or Asos.

For fit I picked up a baggy wide fit, and I like that.

You can either go for a straight, slim, or wide fit.

I wrote an entire article on the 17 best jeans for young guys, you can find that here.

Leather Back Pack

A quality leather backpack is stylish and versatile. If I could go back and pick up a backpack for college, I would 100% pick this.

My brother owns this and he can carry a laptop and other stuff to college + this looks stylish.

For color, I will lean more toward black but brown is also a good pick

Check out this article – This is a complete packing guide for college guys

Converse Chuck 70’s

Converse Chuck ’70s was my first ever Converse, I love it ( no other words for this ).

It looks great. Easy to style and can you can wear this for any casual occasion.

You can pick black for a more veratile option. White and brown are also good options.

Make sure you take care of them. I did not and now I am unable to wear them.

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Here Are The 11 Best Clothes For College Guys ( After 6+ Months Of College Experience ) | Meantformen

Loafers is another great shoe for college, this is perfect for dressing up for college.

One of my classmates had a high heel version of this and it made him look stylish.

Combine this with sweaters, dress shirts, or with a simple tee.

Matching a wide-fit pant is a great way to make this piece look stylish.

For colors, black is the best.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Chinos Good For College?

Yes, chino is a great pant for college, but make sure you pick the right color that matches your wardrobe.

What Should A Guy Wear On The First Day of College?

This comes down to occasion and weather. If you have a function on the first day of college dress up in a semi-formal outfit. Or else you can dress casually in a white tee, black trousers, and a denim jacket.

How Can You Look Stylish In College?

Dress simple, and avoid wearing bold logos or colors. Add accessories and learn to layer clothes. Make sure you take care of your shoes. Always experiment with different styles.

Before You Leave

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