Imagine this you walk into a gathering and introduce yourself but no one cares, or people take your presence lightly. Are you one of that guy ? , well I’m here to help you change that. 

Take a look at the 7 best tips to become an attractive teenage guy that people want to be around,  pay attention and value their opinions and suggestions.

Being a great Communicator 

Communication plays a vital role in building friendships and achieving more in school.

Effective communication helps you to deepen the relationship and makes you look like an attractive teenage guy who knows what he is doing.

Let’s look at the 3 best tips to improve your communication


While I was learning about effective communication every single post I read mentioned listening.

Well why is it important ?

Imagine this you are talking to your class teacher regarding a project work and he pays no attention to you.


Listening to what others are saying helps you to respond well and make them feel valued.

When you closely listen to what others are saying,  you as an attractive teenage guy will have more chance of asking more questions and getting to know them better.

Ask More Questions.  

This is a conversation method, I can confidently say everyone can be good at.

Asking more questions helps to get to know this person inside – that’s what I learned from this skill. 

Focus on asking more questions and listening to what they say, ( Low voice inserted – This is the secret to improving your conversation skill )

Pay Attention To Body Language

Body Language is a subtle sign that helps you understand the person and how they feel. 

Understanding body language also helps you to choose whether to approach this person or not.

Some tips to improve your body language
  • Make Eye contact 
  • Smile more
  • Stand With a Good Posture 
  • Turn Your Whole Body To the Person Whom You Having a Conversation with.
  • Confident Hand Shake

Guy Who Dress Well 

Dressing well expresses yourself and your personality, Improves self-confidence, and makes you an attractive teenage guy.

You don’t need expensive clothes, you just need the right ones that help you style many pieces. 

But, Make sure your clothes are fit and clean. 

Start with basic items such as a Basic t-shirt, Black jeans , denim jacket and white sneakers. These pieces will help you to create many outfits. 

Take a look at my 9 Style Tips That Makes You an Attractive Teenage Guy

Young Guy Who is Kind

7 Tips To Become an Attractive Teenage Guys ( Methods That Work ) | Meantformen

Being kind help you to improve your mental health not only that it also makes other people feel valued and you can even make their day.

A small act of kindness not only benefits you but also benefits the other person, which is an attractive trait every teen should have.

How to show kindness ?

  • Smile 
  • Pay Compliment 
  • Offer Help
  • Say Thank You and Please
  • Be Honest
  • Encourage Others

Guy Who Can Make People Laugh

Make sure you are a person who makes others laugh, Nobody wants to be around someone who is negative weird, or serious.

Focus on having fun humor and taking things lightly.

Attractive teen guys have one habit in common, what’s that?

They make people laugh.

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Sports Lover

Attractive Teenage Guy

While researching this topic I discovered that many girls find guys who play sports attractive.

This is so true, last week me and my friends were playing volleyball and I noticed that a few girls from our community mirroring us and playing the same sport.

That does not mean you should go and play Volleyball, I mean if you like you can.

Pick a sport that you like and focus on having fun. 

Guy Who Takes Cares of Himself

Personal hygiene is crucial if you want to be an attractive teenage guy.

Just like sports girls pay attention to how you take care of yourself, so you need to make sure you are presentable. 

Take look at 4 hygiene tips to become an attractive teenage guy
  • Skincare  – Skincare is the effortless way to upgrade your appearance, Start by Face washing two times, moisturizing and exfoliating.
  • Smell – Nobody wants to be around someone who smells bad, Use deodorant, Colognes and Take a bath daily.
  • Teeth – Don’t be the guy who avoids smiling due to bad teeth. Use Whitening stripes, Brush Your teeth 2 times, Use Mouth wash, and floss every day.
  • Hairstyle – Hairstyle is the first thing that people notice that’s why it’s important to have a great hairstyle. 

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Guy With Hobbies and Passions

Girls find hobbies and passions attractive in teenage guys 


Because, if he is not working on himself then how can he benefit others?

Playing ps5 all the time without having a life outside is unattractive. 

Start by fixing yourself 

Go out and learn new skills, learn to fight, ride horses and do more work outside social media.


Here are the 7 best and easy ways to make yourself attractive.

Start by concentrating on yourself and improving your life.

At the same time know this – you can’t be perfect and be an attractive guy in a day or two, it takes time. So be patient and stick with improving your life.