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    Are you bored and looking for some new hobbies to try, then check out the top 40 hobbies for teenage guys


    Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts out of your mind, Just take a paper or open a notepad on your phone and start writing. 

    Journaling improves your writing skill, and focus and clears your mind so you can think clearly and make better decisions. 

    The best way to start this hobby is by writing about your day every day, even if it’s a sentence write every single day.


    Reading books is a great way to expand your knowledge and learn new things. There are many books on various topics which can benefit you

    Reading improves your focus, vocabulary, and skills. Pick a pick about the topic you like and start reading, it’s fun.

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    Working out is a great way to improve your strength, build muscle, and have high energy. 

    Eventhough going gym is the best option, if you can’t afford it just buy some dumbbells and work at home.

    You can watch youtube tutorials or download workout apps.

    Working out also helps you to get better sleep, consistency is key.


    Hobbies for teenage guys

    Skateboarding is a fun hobby that is worth trying, I just recently got a skateboard and I’m enjoying it.

    There are many cool tricks you can do with a skateboard, just be careful and make sure you wear all safety gear.

    Dressing Well

    Dressing better is a great hobby that is fun to have, it improves your appearance and can benefit you when making new friends.

    Get inspiration, build a solid wardrobe and try out many different pieces, just have fun and dress in a way that you like.

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    Start A Youtube Channel

    One of the best hobbies for teenage guys is to start a youtube channel, not only does it improve your skill but in the future, it can also make you some money.

    Guide to starting a youtube channel and making it successful.

    Find something that you are passionate about and start producing content, be consistent with at least posting 1 video / a week.

    Playing a Sport

    Playing a sport, especially with a team is a great way to socialize, build friendships and move your body.

    Football, Basketball, and Cricket are considerable team sports that are fun to play and are beneficial to your body.

    Billiards, Table tennis, and carrom are other great sports if you want to play indoors.


    Cooking is another fun hobby that teenage guys can pick up, cooking helps you to try your dishes.

    This is a life skill that can be learned and improved over time, start with youtube as there are many lessons about cooking for beginners.


    Programming and development is a great hobby that is fun to learn with a high return on investment.

    Start with python because that is the easiest language.

    With programming, you can create games, apps, and websites and also possibly earn some money

    Hanging Out With Friends

    Hobbies for teenage guys

    Hanging out with friends is the best hobby for teenage guys, but nowadays because of social media and the internet, in-person talks have been reduced.

    Make a plan to go somewhere fun and invite all your friends, just turn off your mobile and have fun.

    Bird Watching

    Bird watching is also a great way hobby that is fun and relaxing.

    Find a place to watch birds and pick a time – sunrise or sunset is the best time to watch birds.

    Make sure you are not distracted by taking photos of birds, just leave your phone at home and observe.

    Spending Time In Nature

    Spending time out in nature is another great way to feel relaxed, similar to bird watching sunset and sunrise is the best time to spend time out.

    Observe trees, and the sky, and take deep breaths just forget about the past and future and focus on that present movement.

    Learning About Cars

    Learning about cars is another great hobby for teenage guys, not only this is beneficial but it can also be a useful skill to have.

    Learn how to change tires, and how to troubleshoot a car when it’s not starting, this skill is worth learning as it can save you time and money.

    Graphic Designing

    Graphic designing is a demanding skill that is fun to learn and can earn you some money.

    Canva is the best free tool to learn graphic designing and improve your skill.

    You can also do graphic designing and earn some money using websites like skillshare.


    Hobbies for teenage guys

    Fishing is a great hobby to unplug from social media, fishing improves your level of concentration.

    Fishing also keeps your body fit and makes you relaxed.

    There are a lot of tools that make your fishing easy, just go out and have fun with your friends.


    Hiking is another fun hobby that improves your body health, it can also be done in groups.

    Hiking is a high-intensity workout that can be hard if you do it for the first time, but a consistent hiking habit will improve stamina, reduce body fat, and overall improves your body.


    Swimming is a great way to improve your body strength socialize and have fun. 

    just like hiking this also is a high-intensity sport, Swimming is a great way to overcome your fears.

    This skill will make you stronger physically and mentally.


    Archery is a fun skill that improves your focus, stability, hand-eye coordination, and confidence.

    This hobby when done consistently improves mental strength and flexibility

    Check out your nearest archery locations and get the right tools you need.

    Horse Riding

    Hobbies for teenage guys

    Horse riding is a great hobby for teenage guys looking for something fun and interesting.

    This skill will help you to overcome fears and builds core strength, mental toughness, and posture.

    Horse riding is not an easy skill to learn but consistent time and effort can make you a better person physically and mentally.

    Learning a New Language

    Learning a new language is a fun and exciting hobby for teenage guys, this skill can benefit you wherever you are in the world.

    If you learn a new language that can help you to make friends, order food at the restaurant, and socialize.

    Nowadays, you can pretty much learn anything on youtube so make use of that and learn to speak a new language.


    Cycling is a fun hobby that can benefit you in many different ways, you can learn new routes in your neighborhood, improve posture and reduce stress.

    This hobby is also a great way to get into nature and spend some time alone, but if you don’t like that join a cycling club near you.

    Side Business

    A side business is a great hobby to make money for yourself.

    Staring a blog, flipping your old items, dropshipping, youtube, and getting paid for your skills and podcast are some ways to make money.

    It requires hard work, patience, and consistency to build income so go for it.

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    40 Fun and Productive Hobbies For Teenage Guys ( Be Ready To Look Cool ) | Meantformen

    Photography is another best hobby for teenage guys, for this, you don’t need to own a big budget camera.

    Just start with your phone and places nearby and slowly expand places and equipment.

    This a skill in high demand so it can also make you some money.


    Similar to photography, videography is a high-demand skill that can make you some money.

    Just start with your phone and learn the basics tips and tricks from youtube.

    Be consistent as skills like these can only improve over time.

    Helping Others

    Helping others is a great way to socialize, build relationships, and feel good.

    Nowadays it’s easy to waste a lot of time on social media, instead, go out and find someone and help them, even if it’s a small act of kindness such as smiling.

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    Listening To Podcast

    Listening to podcasts offers the same benefit as reading books – expanding knowledge improves focus and vocabulary.

    Youtube and Spotify are the two best podcast platforms.

    Just go to youtube and type in ‘’ your interest + podcast’’ then you will find a ton of them, I’m a huge fan of a podcast named freshly grounded.

    Diy Project

    Hobbies for teenage guys

    You know a DIY project is a fun hobby if you ever watched 5 minutes crafts videos. 

    Diy hobby helps you to

    • Save money
    • Be active
    • Learn a new skill 

    Diy project is a great way to unplug from social media and have fun.

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    Gardening is another fun activity that can benefit you in many different ways.

    Planting seeds and growing them bigger teaches you the most valuable skill – patience. 

    On top of that, you can also earn some money selling your fruits or vegetables.


    Carpentry is easy to learn a skill with high payouts.

    This hobby teaches you to focus, repair, cutting and it’s high-intensity work that can benefit your body.

    But, the risk of injury is high so take correct measures to avoid them.


    Walking out in nature is another great way to disconnect, this hobby helps you to focus on the present moment.

    This is one of my favorite hobbies because it makes me think and come up with new ideas.

    Early morning walks are best but if you don’t have time, take a walk in the evening.


    Camping is a hobby that helps you deepen relationships with friends and family.

    You can also go camping alone which is a great way to be alone with your thoughts, and learn to survive alone.

    Just plan a camping trip with friends or family and leave your phone at home, that is a fun activity to do.


    40 Fun and Productive Hobbies For Teenage Guys ( Be Ready To Look Cool ) | Meantformen

    Collecting is another great hobby that helps you be patient.

    Baseball cards, football jerseys, car items, posters, coins, and stamps there are a lot of things you can collect.

    In the future, it’s great to look back and find ancient pieces in your collection box.

    Garage Sales

    Garage sales are a great way to earn some money.

    You can sell anything from your old items to lemonade, just set up a small stall in your garage and earn some money.

    Ax Throwing

    Ax throwing is a fun and competitive hobby but comes with high risk.

    Similar to archery your main aim is to hit the target, plus it’s great to move your body and be energetic.

    But, before you do this take the right measures to protect yourself.

    Video Editing

    Hobbies for teenage guys

    Video editing was my favorite hobby in the past, before I started this blog I used to do a lot of video editing.

    One lesson this hobby taught me was – Over time everything gets better.

    This is a special skill that is fun and can earn you some money.

    Home Repairs

    Home repairs are a great way to save some money and spend time learning a new skill.

    You can pretty much repair anything, if you are starting with this hobby make sure you pick old things instead of new valuable items.


    Pottery is a great hobby to produce new items, which also can earn you some money.

    You can create wonderful pieces that grab everyone’s attention.

    But, the tools required for pottery are a little expensive


    Boxing is another sport hobby that can help you to overcome fears and protect yourself.

    This skill is not only good for your health but it can also make you new friends.

    If you are serious about learning boxing, joining a class would be the best option but if you want to have fun just do it.

    Play Chess

    Hobbies for teenage guys

    Playing chess can boost your important skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, and confidence.

    It’s a cool way to spend time with family members and friends.

    Learn About Stocks

    Learning about the stock market is a great way to expand your knowledge.

    Nowadays many people are investing in crypto, bitcoin, and nft, so you learning this skill and expanding your knowledge at a young age can only benefit you. 


    These are the 40 hobby ideas for teenage guys, don’t try everything together just start by picking 2-3 hobbies and be good at them before you move on to the next.

    Let me know which is your favorite hobby ?